The Anatomy Of Our Jumpers

The merino wool made to use our summer knits is pure yarn spun in one of Italy's oldest mills, located in the foothills of the Alps.

When I designed my Summer Collection I wanted to use a material that would suit the unpredictable British summer. I knew I needed something adaptable.

I chose merino wool as it's a material that is suitable for all weather conditions. It's an active fibre meaning it reacts to your body temperature and helps regulate it. It can absorb large amounts of moisture and then evaporates it into the air keeping you cool when your body temperature heats up.

The tough and adaptable characteristics of this pure yarn allows us to create beautiful and unique handcrafted jumpers.

Shop our latest summer collection, the Dolly Knit, in collaboration with author Dolly Alderton.
Dolly knit, red jumper, love jumper, dolly alderton
Dolly knit, pink jumper, dolly alderton
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