Essentials of Style - Lauren Hutton

As we researched our favourite looks of Lauren Hutton's for this week's "Essentials of Style" it became apparent how successfully she has mastered the style and silhouettes that suit her. When asked about achieving personal style Lauren says understanding this is key and that it's possible to learn it; 

"People like to say you’re either born with style or you’re not, and that’s complete hooey. You’ve gotta develop your own and find your own. We’re all completely different — different bones. Go for what suits you. Get in the mirror and you really look at yourself, not with your mother’s eyes, not with your sister’s eyes — just try to get rid of everybody’s ideas of who you are and who you’re supposed to be, and take a good look at yourself. Start to think back on compliments people have given you and pull those things out."

Lauren's effortless style incorporates a fluid silhouette, a tailored suit jacket, layered denim on denim with a bright woollen jumper tied over her shoulders, white tennis shoes and trainers paired with slouchy suits, panama hats, shimmering fabrics for the evening, straight-cut men's clothes and a trench coat over layers. We've picked out our favourite looks.

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