Essentials Of Style - Anjelica Huston

We're running a series called Essentials of Style, which will feature people whose style we love. Our aim is to let you know who inspires us through images of their best looks.

Our first is Anjelica Huston.

Illustrating how a tourist t-shirt bought from a market on location can look great.

Juxtaposing two very differently textured fabrics; fur and ruched.

A good example of how to wear ultra classic espadrilles - the kind that are rope-soled and have ties to wrap delicately up your ankle - paired with baggy shorts and a loose fitting shirt.

The strength of this outfit is the silhouette.

Why not match your eyeshadow with your dress... wig and backdrop?

Showing how easy it can be in a classic white t-shirt with small gold hoop earrings.

Pearls on the beach. Sometimes it's fun to wear the right outfit in the wrong place.

A huge flower in your hair or pinned to your dress looks great, you can get them really cheap from haberdashery shops.

Classic ballet shoes with a small heel are flattering when cut lowdown on the foot. Office have great affordable versions.

Showing how a basic white bikini is simple and striking.

Riding boots and jodphurs for a masculine silhouette.

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